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aws certified solutions architect exam dumps

Be ready for your AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam with the best and only available exam simulator on the market. The exam simulator comes with 100% money back guarantee!

It is not an AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam dump, the simulator includes over 390 realistic Solutions Architect Associate Exam questions, which are similar in pattern and quality of the actual exam. It will   save you from last minute surprises while you take the actual certification exam and will help you obtain your certification in your first attempt. The simulator exam is developed by 3 AWS certified Professionals who got certified in last four months. It provides full five sets of exams in three different exam modes to practice. Retake exams multiple times, with unlimited usage of the exam simulator for a period of 90 days.

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Key Features of AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam Simulator

300 High Quality Questions

Exam Simulator High Quality Questions


If you wonder why we can provide ‘money back guarantee’ for the exam simulator, it is very simple:  our questions closely resembles and are very similar to the real exam questions and by ensuring that all the AWS services are covered extensively. The initial version of the exam question set was developed by 3 certified AWS professionals.

Each question has been reviewed multiple times, to ensure that they continue to meet most current AWS exam standards. We have also receive and incorporated the feedback from our subscribers, which often prompts us to update the questions and/or explanations, and include and/or remove AWS service areas.




5 Complete Exams

Exam Simulator - 5 Complete Exams



During your actual Solutions Architect Associate Exam, you will be required to answer 60 questions in 80 minutes. The exam simulator will test you with the same criteria as the actual AWS exam criteria, we have divided 300 questions in 5 complete exam sets.  Gives you an opportunity to take 5 sets of full exams, before taking the real certification exam. Don't waste your money on other AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam dumps.





Detailed Explanations and Results Summary

Exam Simulator - Detailed Explanation


The AWS exam simulator provides detailed explanation for each answer based on latest updates from the AWS website. While you take AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate practice Exams, you can use “See Answer” button in learning mode or “check” button in practice mode to get the detailed explanation for the currently displayed question.

After you complete the exam set in ‘exam’ or ‘learning’ mode, you get detail exam reports at the end. It starts with brief summary of your exam results, and then provides detailed exam report for each question, by providing the answer you choose and the correct answer for each question and also providing name of each specific AWS service area it comes under. The results are shown under each AWS service name.




Free Preparation Support

Exam Simulator - Free Preparation Support


Our aim is to ensure you succeed and get AWS certified! That’s one of the main reason why we provide free access to our video lesson on “How to get AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate in 30 days?” along with study guide for Solutions Architect Associate Certification.

In addition to the above materials, we also provide email support where you get the opportunity to ask a certified professional for clarification and/or additional explanations about any of the questions you see in the exam simulator or you come across during your preparation. All emails queries will be answered in 24 to 48 hours from the time it is received.





100% Money Back Guarantee

Exam Simulator - Money Back Guarantee


Again we believe in our quality of exam questions and YOU… We are positive and fully confident that our AWS Practice Exams will help you succeed, so we offer 100% Exam Pass Guarantee. Click here for details.







Three Exam Modes

Exam Simulator - Exam Modes


To enhance your learning experience, the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam Simulator supports three different exam modes:  Learning, Exam and Practice modes.

Learning Mode: In learning mode, the simulator does not track your time, Answer to each question can be seen immediately by selecting “See Answer” button, and provides “save” button to allow users to continue with their exam. Also you can use “previous” and “next” button to navigate back and forth between exams. This option is available for all 5 exams and complete 60 questions in each exam.

Exam Mode: In Exam Mode, you receive a real exam experience. Solutions Architect Associate Exam contains 60 questions and it’s expected to be complete in 80 minutes. The simulator provides you the same 80 minutes timer to complete 60 questions. This mode does not allow you to pause or check answers or move back and forth. More you try to practice in this mode, it will prepare you better to undertake the real exam. This option is available for all 5 exams and for complete 60 questions in each exam set.

Practice Mode: In Practice Mode, you can perfect yourself on the subject. It does not calculate grade or store your performance for any future reference. It’s more like taking a quick practice session while you are still learning the AWS exam topics. This option is available only for “All in One” exam with 300 questions.

Unlimited Usage

Exam Simulator -Unlimited Usage



We strongly believe practice brings perfection.  You can’t be any good at AWS exams if you don’t prepare and practice the AWS exam questions multiple times. Using the AWS Exam simulator, you can repeat the exams or quizzes as many times as you want, until you are satisfied with your performance. Retake exams in any of the above modes without any usage limitations for 90 days.





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