Welcome to AWSPro Academy!

Welcome to AWSPro Academy!

Recently, I completed my AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.  The biggest challenge for me during my preparation was… what to study and what areas to focus for the exam.

So here is the video which will serve as your study guide…  for your Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam.

If you are looking for basic information like how and where to start for exam preparation, please check out my other  YouTube video – “AWS Certifications – How To Prepare For Exams? “

By now most of us know  AWS has more than 50 services and  they are adding more every month.  The exam blue print provides…  only  some level of details, but not concentrate on  each service or focus area.  It took me  few days  and intensive research  to gather the exam topics from various sources before  I could start my preparation for the exam.

Again… I  have  an  Another great news for you … when I prepared  for  my exam, I  had  created  the  study guide and I will provide you the copy of it  for  free.   To get a copy of my study guide please sign up at signup.awspro.academy.

Thru my study guide, I will be sharing the key AWS services and highly targeted exam topics under each service.

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