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AWS Overview

1. You are developing a web based polling system for a media client. Although most of the polling data is accessed frequently and rarely changes, your client discovers that the performance of the system does not meet the requirements. To improve the performance, you decide to read frequently accessed data from an in-memory data store instead of a slower, disk-based database. Which AWS service would you use?

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Data Bases in AWS

2. In multi-availability zone deployments, the “primary” database always serves database operations including read and writes. Also in Multi AZ deployments, Amazon RDS automatically provisions and maintains another database in a different availability zone. What is the name of this secondary database? 

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3. You are developing a web based polling system for a media client using DynamoDB. Data is expected to grow on the order of petabytes within the next three months. Is there a data storage limit associated with DynamoDB?

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4. GPU instances are members of the accelerated computing instance family. This class of instances uses the CUDA or OpenCL computing frameworks. What are the primary uses for GPU instances? (Choose 2)

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5. How does a network ACL differ from a security group?  (Choose 2)

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DNS/Route 53

6. When using resource records, top level domain names, such as “”, are called the zone apex, whereas “” and “” are not. Zone apex is also known as the naked domain. Does Route53 support zone apex records or naked domain names?

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7. Currently, the zone apex, “” points directly to the web server IP address. The IP address must be changed. Which Route 53 record type can be modified to accomplish this task?

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8. When a health check is performed with Route 53, a response is expected from the web server containing an HTTP status code between 200 and 400. How can it be confirmed that the web server is returning the correct content?

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9. What are the supported formats or protocols of SNS message notifications? (Choose 4)

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10. Your company is launching a new beauty product and is planning to ship 100,000 samples to subscribed Facebook users on a first come, first served basis. SQS Queue must be configured in US East (Ohio) region to receive requests and process them in the order received.  How can this feature be implemented in SQS?

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