Free Weekly AWS Exam Questions

AWS Overview

1. You work for a global online digital delivery startup and the site content is stored on U.S.-based AWS regions.  When customers from various countries attempt to access your site, they experience significant performance and latency issues. Ideally, the content would be cached locally to offload requests from the origin server. Which AWS service would be used as a CDN to distribute content around the world?

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2. Which AWS service allows code to be executed without the need to provision or manage infrastructure components and underlying resources, such as virtual machines or databases?

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3. You want to create an S3 bucket with the name “awsproacademy” in the EU East region. What would be the URL for this bucket? 

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API Gateway

4. You developed and published public facing REST APIs using AWS API Gateway. You haven’t changed the default account level throttling of 10000 requests per second with burst capacity of 5000 requests. If the API receives 7,000 requests in the first millisecond, what will happen to those requests?

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5. Using API Gateway, you published public facing Weather APIs similar to Yahoo. Within couple of hours, large number of end users try to invoke your API simultaneously and overloading your backend systems which leads to performance issues. Which of the below features will help you to improve the API performance? (Choose 2)

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6. One of your development team want to use ECS for application deployment. The application requires docker containers to access ports on the host container instance to send or receive traffic. How will you configure this?

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7. You are trying to create ECS cluster using AWS Management console. During “cluster configuration” step, you can’t see or select the private AMI that you have customized and using for your organization. What could be the reason?

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8. With some of the AWS services, Lambda needs to poll the event source (referred to as the pull model) and invokes your Lambda function. Which of the below AWS services need poll model? (Choose 2)

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9. You developed a Lambda function called “ec2watermark” to watermark user uploaded images. User uploads are processed by fleet of webservers that are running on EC2, and these EC2 instances call lambda function using ARN to watermark the images. Which of the below are valid ARNs for a lambda function? (Choose 2)

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10. Which of the below statements are true regarding EFS vs EBS? (Choose 2)

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