AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam – Free 20 Questions

AWS Overview

1. You work for a global online digital delivery startup and the site content is stored on U.S.-based AWS regions.  When customers from various countries attempt to access your site, they experience significant performance and latency issues. Ideally, the content would be cached locally to offload requests from the origin server. Which AWS service would be used as a CDN to distribute content around the world?

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2. Which AWS service is designed to automatically provision resources that are required to host an application from uploaded code?

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3. When you are using services like Amazon RDS or Lambda, you don’t get full administrative control of the underlying EC2 instances. However, some services provide full administrative control of the underlying EC2 instances. Which are they? (Choose 2)

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4. You work for a health care client who would like to archive patients’ records after 120 days.  When needed, the records should be accessible from the archive within 24 hours. What AWS storage service would you recommend? 

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5. Which of the following statements is true regarding Amazon S3 consistency model? (Choose 2) 

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Data Bases in AWS

6. In multi-availability zone deployments, the “primary” database always serves database operations including read and writes. Also in Multi AZ deployments, Amazon RDS automatically provisions and maintains another database in a different availability zone. What is the name of this secondary database? 

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7. You are developing a web based polling system for a media client. Although most of the polling data is accessed frequently and rarely changes, your client discovers that the performance of the system does not meet the requirements. To improve performance, you decide to read frequently accessed data from an in-memory data store using Elasticache. Which of the following in-memory engines can be used with ElastiCache? (Choose 2) 

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8. You work as an AWS administrator in a software development organization. You currently have two AWS accounts. The first is a production account where live applications are managed. The second is a development account which serves as a sandbox for developers performing integration testing. There are 30 IAM users who belong to the development account group. Three users from the group require access to the live applications in the production account. What is the best approach to provide these three users with access to resources in the production account?

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9. Which of the following API actions or calls in AWS STS return temporary security credentials with a default expiration time of one hour? (Choose 3)

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10. You are working for a medical laboratory that builds innovative genetic testing models for personalized medicine. The laboratory is using Cluster Computing Instances which support large scale network intensive jobs. However, the system requires low latency and high packet-per-second network performance. What network feature would you recommend to meet these requirements?

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11. Which of the following statements is true about EBS Volumes? (Choose 2)

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12. Your new gaming application uses an EC2 instance in availability zone “A” with an attached EBS volume.  You want to conduct performance testing in availability zone “B” with the same data contained on the EBS volume in zone “A”. How can an EBS volume be migrated from availability zone “A” to zone “B”?

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13. One of your clients is a leading eCommerce retailer that uses a fleet of web servers with multiple load balancers. For troubleshooting purposes, your client wants to parse information from the load balancers. This includes the request timestamps, client IP addresses, latencies, request paths, and server responses. Where can this information be obtained?

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14. You are using an Amazon VPC to deploy four database servers on EC2 instances.  Occasionally, these servers require an internet connection to download system and database updates. However, outside connections from the internet to these servers should be prevented. How can this be achieved? (Choose 2) 

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15. When launching an instance, you need to specify parameters for configuration purposes. For example, you need to execute shell script and a set of cloud-init directives when the instance is launched. Which feature would be used to accomplish this task?

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DNS/Route 53

16. Currently, the zone apex, “” points directly to the web server IP address. The IP address must be changed. Which Route 53 record type can be modified to accomplish this task?

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17. An eCommerce client decided to use SNS for a new order processing system. According to the initial design, SNS sends a notification to the shipping department when an order is received and processed. After receiving the notification, the shipping department packs and ships the order. What is the potential risk involved with this design?

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18. What is the default visibility time for a queue in SQS?

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19. You are designing an SWF workflow for a moving company. The workflow includes oversight of packing, shipping, driving, billing, and fleet management.  International moves may take between three and six months. What is the longest duration of an SWF workflow execution?

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20. A developer is attempting to connect to a newly launched EC2 Linux instance via Putty. After connecting to the instance using SSH, the “Connection timed out” error is received. What are the possible causes of this error? (Choose 3)

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